HAPBCO is committed to a policy of protecting the health and safety of our employees, client’s employees and other third parties involved during the project execution and customer satisfaction by complying with our own QHSE policy guidelines.
HAPBCO has ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; and ISO 45001:2018 Certifications through TUV NORD GROUP to ensure world class QHSE management system.


HAPBCO is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees by adopting a proactive approach, prior to commencement of any project. HAPBCO HSE (Health Safety Environment) Policy fully recognizes the significance of safety, health and confidence of all the employees and ensures a safe and healthy environment at all times. It is part of our work ethics to ensure the safety, health and environmental safeguards are in place, right from the inception until the completion of execution stage that leads to continuous improvement, prevention of potential hazards. We accept the need for constant upgradation of safety awareness, health standards and environmental conditions commensurate with the rapid change of technology in the construction sector. Employees regularly undergo training in safety procedures and the use of safety equipment as do supervisors in implementing and overseeing such safety practices at work.


HAPBCO has a comprehensive system for the safety of employees at work and we implement processes that have minimum impact on the environment. HAPBCO aim to deliver increasingly sustainable solutions to our people, our clients and the environment in which we work. All our construction teams are empowered to continually strive to reduce waste emissions and negative impacts for each and every project. Maintaining natural environment in the areas surrounding projects is increasingly important to our clients and the local communities impacted by our work. We conduct ecological surveys, contaminated land assessments and consider impacts on local Biodiversity.


HAPBCO is fully committed to ensuring that adequate resource remains in place to continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system, every step of project execution is infused with quality control and thus by ensure customer satisfaction is in line with their expectation. HAPBCO take immense pride in our reputation as a friendly, emerging business. We invest in our people, giving them the support they need to reach their potential and deliver exceptional quality every time. We are always at the forefront for recognizing the benefits to both employees to find successful work life balance, for implementing an effective communication strategy and for showing commitment to staff development through a variety of professional and personal development programs, as well as informal coaching and mentoring.

As a Best QHSE practices, Achievements are awarded with Gifts & Certificates for employees to motivate to work them safer.

Toolbox talks are a key place of workplace Health & Safety.